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L’appuntamento settimanale con Linda dagli Stati Uniti (leggi in italiano)

Hello Michael,
I know: this part we give prizes to everyone and everything. But this time I would like to tell you what our English cousins are doing, so that here we are inventing the same thing. It was not silent, then, that digital publishing has recently established.
The Association of Online Publishers (AOP), an organization based in the UK that represents digital publishing companies that create original, branded, quality content, announced the recipients of its Digital Publishing Awards for 2010.

Digital Publishing Recognized
The AOP (not to be confused with the Online Publishing Association (OPA), a US-based non profit trade organization that represents high-quality online content providers), recognized seventeen different categories of digital publishing including:

Editorial Team: Business, Consumer
Digital Editorial, Individual
Research & Insights
Digital Advertising
Cross Media
Commercial Partnership
Use of Video
Use of Mobile
Ad Technology Platform
Website: Business, Consumer
Digital Publisher: Business, Consumer
Specialist Digital Publisher
Guardian Topped The List
Guardian News & Media took six awards, the most of any one publisher. They were recognized for:

Best Innovation for their iPhone app
Best Launch for their developers Open Platform
Best Digital Publisher, Consumer
Best Digital Editorial by an Individual, which recognized work by Matthew Weaver

Telegraph Media Group, BBC and Future Publishing also picked up awards for Best Editorial Team, Consumer; Best Cross Media Project; and Best Digital Advertising Sales Team, respectively.

Designed to recognize, showcase and reward businesses that have made a difference to the online publishing industry, the AOP Awards highlights innovative services and products developed by publisher brands and individuals. Given the current state of the online publishing, these awards provide a much-needed dose of confidence and accolades.

Sorry to laugh at the fact that while you are still establishing contact with digital publishing, here we have already started drawing for prizes.

See you next week.
From extraordinary autumn in New Hampshire,
for BookAvenue, Linda Nordstrom

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