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Domenica, 17 Ottobre 2010 22:03

What happens on the other side of ocean

New mail from Usa, by Linda Nordstrom (leggi in italiano)

Dear Michele, let me give a little input on what happens on this side of ocean with this editor's note Okes of OR publishing that i've received this week. I hope the article will contribute to the debate on the issue of digital book that, as I understand, it is also felt by you.

Herewith figures most of us have heard in some variant: half of U.S. book sales will be digital by 2015 and brick-and-mortar book sales will drop by 50% in that time.
I'm not a theoretician: I'm an editor and publisher, and what I am looking for is a practical solution to fix things, something that can be implemented. I've been in independent publishing for the last twenty-five years, and each year, at each of the five companies I've worked with, the scenario has been pretty much the same: declining revenues despite occasional upward blips, the stores getting sparser and those that remain, skipping titles more and more.

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Correspondence from the other side of the ocean
by Linda Nordstrom

Are the writers receiving the major awards and official recognition really the best writers today? Or are they overrated mediocrities with little claim to recognition by posterity? The question is harder than ever to answer today, yet it is a worthwhile exercise to attempt (along with identifying underrated writers not favored by bureaucracy).

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